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screener.online by IDVIU is the online digital screener service for content creators, content owners and movie studios. Based on state of the art technologies used by Hollywood majors, your video content can be shared world wide while protected at all times.

Since 2013, IDVIU has managed more than 50,000 videos, including TV show pilots, unaired episodes and Blockbuster Feature Films.

From the start, the system has been the first of its kind by integrating an invisible watermarking for each viewer, in addition to DRM and other security measures, in a fully automated way and for a large audience (more than 15,000 viewers per movie). With world wide availability, HD streaming in less than 5 seconds or download to any platform or device, IDVIU is proud to be the system chosen by Hollywood for its most valuable assets.


The Hollywood industry standard for Digital Screeners

Secure / Easy / Fast / Ultra High Definition Quality

screener.online is based on IDVIU SecureMotionPicture(tm) technology which protects the most valuable Hollywood blockbusters before their release in theaters. It brings the highest video quality for an instant streaming or ultra fast download on mobile, TV or desktop devices.

When selecting the highest security options, each viewing session has a unique invisible watermark which is linked to the viewer's name and location.


Thanks to the Akamai Content Delivery Network, the service has 100% availability anywhere in the world.

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